Client Name : Mon nom

Project Name : La Cie d'en face

Contract Amount :

This shortcode is used to display the contract amount. Whether it is by month or in total. Use this code to display your amount, our plugin will handle the rest.

Hourly Rate :

Due Date : 14/03/2019

Payment Schedule :

This shortcode displays your payment schedule and helps the plugin decipher the payment amounts split per your schedule.
Signed By with Signature Font : C2ile

This shortcode will display a signature generated by our plugin with the name you set in the contract. If you wrap it in the class, it will be automatically sign using a script font with the notation that the contract was electronically signed.

Signed by On this Date : 14/03/2019

Monthly : NAN

This shortcode will display a monthly payment option that will automatically divide your total payment by the payment schedule you set up.

Contract Currency : €
This displays the currency symbol that you set up on the left.

Business Name : DDO Organisation

Remaining Balance : NAN
This shortcode displays the remaining balance and how it should be paid if you are using the monthly option. It will tell your client what they need to pay now and how they should pay it over your schedule.

Fait le : 14/03/2019 12:03PM
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